Corbin Murray

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Wayward & Wild

A contemporary romance set in the heart of beautiful Montana, follows Buck Willard, a divorced ranch owner, and Mattie, a Native American horse trainer. The attraction sparks immediately, and the story of their passion begins to burn with every passing page. 

Being the only woman on a massive property, Mattie's beauty is undeniable, and creates friction between the cattlemen. Buck is a rugged man, not well versed in love, and struggles to identify what it is that draws the pair together.

Riddled with misunderstanding, their story is tested by secrets of the past, mysterious strangers and the need to curb desires, brought on by the overwhelming scenery enveloping them in the fresh mountain air.

Wayward and Wild will enchant you with an undeniable connection, inspired by rugged cowboys and a green eyed woman with a gift for  taming any beast.