Are you published?

That is the ultimate goal. As of right now, Wayward & Wild is in the process of finding it's path into the literary world. It would be my first manuscript to be published, which is very exciting.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find it easier to write based off of personal experiences. Although, not everyone lives an overly entertaining existence. Lately just scrolling social media, I have found intriguing story lines hidden amongst posts, sparking ideas. Mostly late in the evening, when I should be sleeping, I'm left scribbling ideas in the dark.

How long have you been writing fiction?

It is considered taboo to say, since I was a child. The truth is, since I was a child actually. I had book cases lined with notebooks, full of spelling and grammar mistakes.

As a mother of three, how do you find the time to write such intimate stories?

I don't sleep anymore.

Tell us more about your Blog? What is Smutty Sunday?

'Sunday, Smutty Sunday' was inspired by social media. There are droves of people on the internet, with such unique and interesting stories. The first instalment on the page was a result of a post by strangers. I laid in bed for weeks, thinking about the encounter, finally deciding it was time to get it out of my head. My hope is that others read my work, and help shape the story beyond just my imagination. 

So the Blog will be updated weekly?

Yes, every Sunday night. Something for all of us to look forward to. Hopefully readers will participate. Please know, this is just for fun.

Where else can we follow you?